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Today I am talking about what kitchen items you need to buy at the Dollar Tree.

So, I usually go to the store and purchase items, just a few items at a time just try things out.

And today (so) I'm gonna share with you things that work for me and things that don't work for me.

Now, I'm gonna show you what they look like in their packaging, so you can be able to find them, but just know the majority of the items I have tried myself.

Alright you guys let's go check out these kitchen items.

So, I pulled up into the Dollar Tree and it is pouring rain.

Oh, wish me luck. 

Alright the first item is scissors, now these scissors are in the kitchen area and I love them, they're sharp and they actually work. I’ve bought some black ones here before that I don't like, but these ones I love.

Number two, salad tongs: now as funny as this sounds if you don't mind the red color, these are my most favorite salad tongs. 

Number three, an edge spatula: they have lots of different spatulas, but this edge one is by far my most favorite one.

Number four, measuring items: now these are the measuring cups, they actually work just fine, and they fit in each other really well and I really like the teaspoons too.

Number five, barbecue items: now this first item is the tongs, it's not the best quality, but if you're on a budget it's perfect, also these tongs are perfect for flipping over meat on the grill.

Number six, spatulas: now some of these spatulas I love and some I do not; this one the black one is high quality, this red one no, is not very good, but this black one I love. They also have these metal spatulas there, I didn't purchase this one ‘cause I can just feel that I could snap it in half if I wanted to.

Number seven, spoons: now the first spoons I'm going to talk about are the wooden spoons. They have two different kinds and they're both sturdy and I love the flat edged spoon. This one is plastic spoons I usually love plastic spoons but the big one broke when I first used it.

Number eight, knives: now I was so excited to see these knives because they look sharp, they looked good but when I used them, they were pretty dull, so if you're gonna use them in your kitchen I would say no, but if you're gonna use them camping go for it.

Number nine cooking pans (baking pans): they all work great I would just suggest washing them with soap and water by hand and not throwing them in your dishwasher.

Number ten, clips: now I put clips on here because I'm slightly obsessed with clips and I bought a lot of these, but my most favorite ones are these ones, they're called the power clips, they were awesome.

Number eleven: we're gonna call this the little things in the kitchen, this one you can get 500 toothpicks for just a buck, this one is salt and pepper shakers, they look much cuter than your white and black containers, next is matches, you get a ton of them and it's a good brand.

Number 12, the chopper or scraper: okay you guys I just have to tell you how much I love these, it's like a little knife and you can also scrape up your food and dump it into your bowl.

Number 13, containers: now we all know they have great storage containers at the Dollar Tree, but I found these mini ones perfect for lunches.

Next is the paper goods, number 14: so, these are the foam cups and they are like any other foam cups you can get at the store, not the best quality, but they work. Now the foam plates on the other hand were so flimsy that I couldn't even hold the plate and my food at the same time, so no go on those. But I did like the paper plates, you get 15 for a dollar, so not the best deal but if you're looking for just a few, a dollar is a great price. Now these are Bounty paper towels but I will be honest when I took it home, I was pretty disappointed for how bad they were.

Number 15, oven mitts: now I love the oven mitts and I love the dish towels, the oven mitts are a little bit thin, but they still work great, and they come in all colors.

Number 16, water bottles: now I'm gonna be honest every single water bottle I’ve bought at the dollar store leaks, so I'm giving it an X.

Number 17, silverware: so, if you are on a budget and you really just need some new silverware this silverware actually is not bad at all, it comes in four for a dollar.

Number 18, aluminum: you know the big ones don't work very well because the food is too heavy, although these pink and purple ones are darling for spring, but if you have heavy stuff like liquid make sure you get smaller aluminum foil containers.

And number 19 on my list is plastic wrap or foil wrap: I love these foil sheets that are already pre-cut you can also get Glad Cling Wrap; the Dollar Tree is also one of my favorite places to get the sandwich bags and these are the double seal ones.

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