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How to make crawling colors
We're going to show you this cool color experiment so you can play too.
All you need to start with are five glasses and some water.
First pour some water into three of the glasses.
You want them to be in pattern.
Water, empty, water, empty, water.
This one, this one, and this one.
The glasses need to be the same size and clear so you can see the rainbow.
Then you're going to add your color.
If you want to make a rainbow, make your first one red, make the middle one yellow, and you make the last glass blue.
These are three parts of the rainbow.
I added about three drops in it.
And now you're gonna mix it with a spoon.
Then you're going to add your paper towels.
Start with half a piece.
Fold it or roll it.
It should look like this.
Then cut it in half.
Then put the paper towel into the red water, and bend the dry end into the empty glass.
So then you add more paper towels to every cup.
The colored water is going to crawl into the empty glass through the paper towel.
The yellow is gonna mix with the red, it's gonna make orange, and the blue is gonna mix with the yellow and that's gonna make green.
It's gonna take a long time so you have to have a lot of patience.
While we're waiting do the wave.
Jumping jacks, one, two.
Think big thoughts.
Rock, paper, scissors, and shoot.
After you played some fun games check on your rainbow.
The longer you wait the more colored water will travel over.
I can't believe they crawl over into the empty glass
The paper towel is kind of like a bridge because the water goes over the bridge into the empty cup to make really cool colors.
And that's how you make crawling colors.

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